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Painting & Drawing




My Journey

My name is M.Lohitha NARAYANI, I completed my B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering-2020 batch and my native is Madanapalle, Chittoor District...I'm currently working in HCL company as a Software Engineer...

Here comes the story behind my passion...

From childhood, I had a great interest in paintings and even in holidays I used to practice painting and drawings...but when I joined B.Tech I didn't find time to practice paintings....when the lockdown started I've again started practicing paintings and friends were giving challenges to paintings I was painting those challenges...At that time I literally realized that I'm good at paintings and Drawings and that's how it became my passion💕❣It's just the beginning of my paintings but I'm sure I'll improve and do more such amazing art...Currently, I'm practicing paintings on watercolors, knife paintings, finger paintings, acrylic painting🎨🖌...Even when there's no time I'll find some time to my paintings...Live for your Passion❤

I feel very relaxed and peaceful in painting😊...It gives me more happiness and peace of mind...I love Nature so much ❣Thats why many of my arts are of nature🌳🌴🌱🌊....

We've to do anything that makes us happy and the work and effort that we incorporate must be very much satisfied 😌...soo in the future I'll still improve myself in this field and definitely make my passion my job...Life is Passion...Passion is Life❤

Everything you it with heart and be passionate about ur might be small or big😊🥰enjoy ur work...

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