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My Journey

Hii,  to all👋 I am Jahnavi, post graduated from JNTUP
n am from Pulivendula (Kadapa district). I am a designer, artist, dancer also☺️
It’s been exactly 7 months since my page has been started♥️✨ I think I’ve learned a lot of things. Starting a clothing line has been my dream. I always wanted to be unique.
My parents have been very supportive about this decision n let this happen I am always thankful n grateful for them n I m really blessed bcoz my father believed in me n he truly trusted me, he always encourages me and boosts me whenever I feel low and he is sharing n telling about my business to everyone when my neighbors n some people keep saying its just time waste n no use like that but he proved them wrong so mainly thanks to my parents for everything 😍.

From childhood onwards,  I was very interested in designing, dancing, drawings, paintings, crafts, etc…I always wanted to be my own n dreamt to start my own business.
I used to participate in school activities n used to make art n designs for my friends. I learned Kuchipudi n folk at the age of 7 n still going. So many of my friends keep saying u r the best like that n always supportive so I started exploring those fields from scratch to last things n online also. It just depends on your creativity mainly even if you didn’t study the course.
So I started this business n I m learning day by day n improving a lot more. This is not so easy to build bcoz few encourage n few say it's not ur profession this needs to be a lot of time n are u mad like this bt I never gave up still. Now I am so happy bcoz I have entered into my dream n my passion.

Last but not least thank you so much share talents for encouraging new talents☺️☺️ u are doing a great job doing these things✌️
Finally please believe in yourself, never ever lose ur confidence, trust yourself n never fail to expose ur talent.

Thank you
I hope u people support me.

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