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Illustration, Painting, Doodling & Dance



Bachelor's in Business Administration

My Journey

Hi everyone, first of all, a very Happy New Year to you all. Myself, Aayushi Gupta. I'm an undergrad student pursuing BBA, born and brought up in Delhi.

My journey in art started in my childhood itself. I had a keen interest in drawing and painting or you can say I got it from my Mum (she's an amazing artist). I never learned any art form from anywhere, it is all self-taught.

As I grew up, my interest in Art also grew day by day but I never thought of converting my hobby into my passion and ultimately, landed up starting up my small biz. I made my first digital illustration for myself and after sharing it with my friends, received a great response. On this, my best friend encouraged me to start with this small biz idea and here I am, with a huge number of happy customers across India, delivering memories in the form of Art❤️

I'd be glad if y'all could land up to my page and let me know your suggestions/advice (or order maybe🤧) or anything. I make and sell frames with digital illustrations, line-art illustrations, Spotify frames, design logos for brands and businesses, mandala, and much moreeee🙈

Also, confused between a product launch - POLAROIDS or PHOTOBOOTH

Which one would you be more interested in buying, do ping me up and lemme know, okay?😩

Sending love to y'all from AASthetics

Aayushi Gupta

(Founder & Owner)

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