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Fashion Designer



Art, Learning Languages, Crafting, Gardening



Fashion Design

My Journey

It all started when I was a kid... I was very fond of drawing and coloring ever since my childhood. I used to draw whatever and everything I see(thou they might not be perfect.. But still I used to keep drawing). I stopped somewhere and again started to draw in my high school times. And again stopped due to my puc studies(lots to study😤). And I join fashion designer college... Which included sketching also. When my teacher saw my sketches which were so accurate to the main sketch of my teacher. She started to encourage me and asked me to create more designs for her. And after my completion of designing. And I started going to my job. No time to do a sketch or something. And then the lockdown came. And when my brother's birthday was near... I drew him a pencil sketch of his face(which was my first portrait and again it didn't come good😅) yet he appreciated it a lot which lead me to do more portrait works. And the next day I did a pencil sketch of an Indian sculpture which was accurate to the reference pic. And I gained more confidence through that too. And people around me encouraged me a lot... And now I am getting orders for portraits, paintings, customized paintings, and so on. I am someone who loves learning and I came across so many other kinds of art forms that I didn't have any knowledge of. And now I am teaching those who are interested in learning them. Through online. And I make almost everything homemade 😁

And my mom inspired me and supported me in all ways by giving me the required items. And my twin sister used to tell me if it was accurate or not and which made me do it more accurately. 😇

I am always very Greatful to all of them 🙏😇.

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