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My Journey

Dear sir/ madam,

Thanks for the initiative of introducing talented people to the world.

After finishing my degree like everyone I too set out looking for jobs with a lot of dreams and got good opportunities, however, I didn't find myself comfortable in any of them and couldn't continue.

After this, I got a lot of time to analyse what I want to do. It was such an important phase of my life. I got answers to my questions and learnt that having a subject knowledge that takes you nowhere isn't of any use.

I realised that practical use of our studies and skills is what gives us contentment/work satisfaction.

At the same time, I learnt a new skill of sewing from my father who is a professional tailor himself.

The business was always at the back of my mind even as a student but had no idea. Then I started observing the businesses around me and online too. I followed a lot of business accounts more to learn than to buy😂 It has helped me a lot😁 to see how they market their products and all. I also did resell for a quiet period of time and that has helped me learn how to interact with customers.

I wanted to provide a service that is simple yet useful. Since I learnt sewing I thought of making handmade hair accessories which are a daily essential for women. So like that, I started my own business 2 months ago in March.

I enjoy making those cute Scrunchies every day now 😁 and moreover am very happy with how my customers react to my work and their lovely feedback 😍 This helps me keep going and better myself.

Finally, I can say I have found a work that gives me contentment.

And the journey of constant learning and loving what I do will continue...

Do connect with me on Instagram @fleecy_essentials and keep supporting 🤗

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