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My Journey

Hello, people I am Ernaidu usually people known by Instagram handle "Butterflyman Naidu". I am a photographer, especially for insects and butterfly photography and this zonal of photography is called "Macro photography"

So, when I start this macro photography? As we all know we are all in this pandemic situation where we aren't allowed to explore ourselves, so it happens when we have a most peculiar and dangerous pandemic situation "COVID-19" Because of this silence and restrictions I don't know what I have to do in home.

Then I recalled my photography gadget called the "macro lens" and started exploring myself with this little nature.

Why insects only? We all see how an ant takes its food, how a spider built its home, how a honey bee collects her food

Butterflies collect honey..., so this small small moments and nature creatures make me speechless and I am ready to understand their lifestyle by using this macro photography.

From that day till the day, I have searched like a researcher and captured so many beautiful moments of this nature from spiders to beautiful butterflies everything and etc.....

Every time I capture a creature, it makes me feel complete and smile on my face.

What is the best time to capture insects? Well as per my 2 years of experience (see 😅 without knowing I completed my 3 years journey) it's morning hours like 5:00 am to 10:30 am why? Because in this time only creatures are in a lossy state which means sleepy type so they well cooperate to capture and capture their beautiful moments.

What lens do you use for this photograph? Well present using my mobile phone...

Who is your inspiration behind this journey? My inspiration is "Nature" Yes, you heard that right, every time I inspire myself with nature moments I learn from fellow photographers who are professionals in this zonal of photography.

Apart from this photography? Do you do some other work? Yes, I am studying the ITI course DIESEL MECHANICAL...

So, this is all about my introduction hope you all like it.

Thank you

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