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My Journey

Why I opted for writing, because it has the power to convey your emotions/feelings, and it’s the best way that you can express yourself. Just a small story about how I started, a few years back when times aren’t good I was in a state of depression that I couldn’t share my feelings/emotions with none of them then I started putting down my pen and writing up my stories where I could keep express my emotions and could feel better. And these writings I haven’t posted them anywhere but later few of my friends had seen my motivational writings and they said why can’t you start posting your writings!! as your writings have that efficiency to prompt on others, wherein you could motivate others with your writings. So based on that I got a thought of starting up an Instagram page, wherein many people like me might be wanted to confess things or their emotions with their write-ups. So I have started the Instagram page (@portray_your_tales) wherein I used to post stories/quotes by giving a tag line and creating a poster for the content which I get from people. The main theme of the page is, that this way people like me could enhance their emotions through the write-up.

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