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My Journey

First of all, thank you so much for including me in your community and giving me the platform to share my journey with you.

I ain't a writer and totally a non-literature person who stays (used to stay) miles away from it, so I don't wanna bore you by trying any Shakespearean style to tell my story(kidding).😋

I have loved drawing since my childhood but never took that seriously or didn't get any formal training either.  With time things changed, I changed too and focused more on my studies and after class 10 I totally got detached from painting. But every time I saw someone painting something,  I always got attracted to that and most of my class notebooks' last pages were always full of some arbitrary sketches.

Then I grew up and started working and with heavy work pressure in the IT industry, the hobby faded away. I was apparently doing well till 25,  with a stable career with a decent salary, a long-time relationship that was about to get official, everything in the family was normal until the day, 1st August 2016. An unfortunate event happened which turned me upside down and changed me and everything around me and I still don't know whom to blame.

What happened and why that's a long story, would probably bore you. But the outcome of that incident would never leave me. I went into severe depression. I had to leave my job, and suddenly my 'soulmate' started finding that we are very different from each other 'mentally and ghosted me too. I was alone, broken, devastated, on the verge of despair, and confined in a two-bedroom flat for 3 years, constantly crying, begging for the answer, what I did was so wrong that this happened to me. But I guess, for some questions, there is no answer or a satisfactory answer.

in 2020, one day, I was watching some random videos on YouTube and I came across a painting video. And then I suddenly realise I used to love this once. But it took me a long time to start it again. But once I started this, it worked like a charm. I feel so fulfilled when I sketch, I find a purpose, a meaning that I wanna give a second chance to live. For so many years, every day I thought about quitting and ending this, but painting got me out of that dark cave. For me painting isn't just a hobby or passion, it's a therapy that keeps me going.

Now I again started working in IT and I have so many goals to achieve. Now I have a purpose, to live even more than when everything was 'fine' and 'normal'. Like other human beings, I am still fighting to overcome the obstacles of life, in this fight, I often get tired and feel depressed, and then I draw, and it makes me happy.

Life is so unpredictable, most of the time, things don't work out the way we thought they would, but it still goes on, and willingly or unwillingly we have to accept ourselves the way we are. I don't know how my story is gonna end, but in the end, when finally the day comes, I would know I did everything I could to live a meaningful life.

P.S.- I'm completely fine and love me or hate but please don't sympathize with me.☺


Debjani Bhattacharya
Kolkata, WB

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