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My Journey

First off I am very happy that there are platforms like Share Talents to talk out and proportion our testimonies. It's an excellent manner to encourage and stand via each other.
due to the fact childhood, I used to be interested in artwork. I used to be always keen on stationery and artwork pieces. maybe I wasn't assured sufficient to pick this as my career. Also, are we sure if we get our parent's support to do something in this area for the duration of our 11th and 12th.
The only aspect I heard in the course of my 11th and 12th turned into Kcet, mains, and IIT. Oh god, is there no different profession other than engineering? I wanted to question. However, I remained silent. I scored well in Kcet, and got into one of the top universities in Bangalore.
2019 I handed out as a computer science engineer. I had a certificate and a tier 1 job. Wow, life Is all set they stated. Deep down I knew this is not what I want. Like a lost kid I started working as a UI developer. Every single night after work only one thought scared me is that what you're going to do for the rest of your life? I had no answer. I could not answer myself.
It was then I started reconsidering my career. I always have that love for artwork so I started exploring greater in this subject. I came across UI/UX Designing.
So it is essentially something I'm developing that ought to be designed. I began self-studying all through the lockdown. I certainly started out to get very obsessed with this subject. I determined I need to transition from developer to dressmaker. So here I am these days learning, unlearning, And relearning design.
My Instagram page gives me energy. when I look again at my first design it gives me substantial happiness of improvement.
I would really like to thank every and all and sundry who is status by using me and helping every single day.
Thanks a lot for sharing this. let's learn and grow together.

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