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Hyderabad, India



Entrepreneur, Author & Creative Artist



Being healthy and fit, learning and growing, business, leadership, teaching, podcasts, documentaries, non fiction books, photography and writing



PhD (Business Management), PG degree in Digital Marketing, MBA (Finance), BA ( Journalism)

My Journey

Dr. Romila Chitturi started writing at the age of 13 when most of the people of her age during the 90's had other boring interests in life. She turned Blogger at 20, professional Writer at 25, an Author at 32 and an Entrepreneur at 36 for the first time.

She is a Writer- Blogger- Reader -Poetess -Author- Book reviewer - Editor- Columnist - Entrepreneur- Program Head- Teacher- Masterclass Guru- Film Producer- Guest Speaker - Voice Over Artist - Creative Artist. She is a published author of 18 books. She is currently working on her 19th book.

She owns, edits and publishes a magazine (digital and hard copy) on literature titled "Unicorn”. She is Programme Head (India) of Ukiyoto Publishing and Book reviewer at Writers Around The World on Instagram.

Her favourite authors are Sadat Hassan Manto, Amrita Pritam, Mirza Ghalib, Gulzar, Dan Brown, Ashwin Sanghi and herself - she is her own favourite.

She loves her job (Editor in chief) because she loves helping writers grow and take their stories to the next level through her magazine.

Her 3 favourite humans are - Smriti, Rashmi and Rishu who are not just her best friends but soul sisters, and beautiful personalities in and out and together they scream “ Four more compliments please”!

If her personality has excited you or you wish to work along or you have an opportunity to create something interesting with her, she is just a ping away.


Thank you


"If there is no struggle, there is no progress"

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