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Visakhapatnam, India



Artist, Architect, Designer, Urban Planner



Visual Arts & Micro Arts



B.Arch, Masters in Urban Planning

My Journey

I am Dr.Gattem Venkatesh  “I was born in a small village in Visakhapatnam called Chinadoddigallu. As a child, I developed a keen interest in shapes, creating art, and understanding different art forms. Besides making art often, I also used to visit the artisans near my house regularly to see and understand their art and craft. Not long after, these artisans taught me “carving” when they saw my profound interest. As I learned the craft from them, I also understood that art has no limitations and should not be restricted ever. An artist should let his/her imagination flow without any doubts or fears. This is how I started making miniatures and carving art on almost anything from match sticks, pencil leads, bangles, toothpicks, chalk pieces, etc."

Getting Recognized as a Micro Artist

“After completing my class 10th successfully, I made my first ever miniature of Lord Ganesha out of glass bangles. I was already an avid painter and after learning micro artistry, I also started following my passion for art. Even though many relatives questioned this, my parents supported me immensely and offered their complete support. They encouraged me to take art seriously and have been supporting me ever since then.”

“As I continued creating art, more and more people appreciated and acknowledged it. People started to support me which encouraged me to work even more on my artistic abilities. After consistently applying in the Guinness Book of World Records for two years, I received a confirmation for my application in 2017 and my name got published for carving the Empire State Building on a toothpick in 21 minutes. In the year 2018, I also received Ugadi Puruskar from the Andhra Pradesh Government which gave me a chance to meet many ministers and get honoured for my art.”

Art and Academic Can Go Together

“I think often art and craft are considered as fields that can only be pursued by the people who come from financially stable backgrounds. Hailing from a rural and humble agricultural background myself, I faced a lot of questions and backlash for choosing the path of an artist. However, it was because of my parent’s support that I could prove everyone wrong. After over ten years of creating art in hundreds of masterpieces, I have managed to complete my graduation in Architecture and get recognized for my art as well. One of the key highlights of my life has been meeting our ex-President, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, and showing my art to him. He appreciated me and also motivated me to never stop doing what I do.”

Art Is For Everyone

“I sincerely believe that art cannot and shouldn't be restricted in any way. My goal is to make it more accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. With this vision, I also started an initiative called Venky Arts to help people pursue their passion for Art. I have been taking art to school students in rural areas and have continued to teach students extensively. Until now, I have taught over 10,000 students and I have seen many of them get inspired to use the lessons in their projects.”

“In the long run, my aim is to make art and craft affordable to learn for everyone. I work on improving my skills every day and encourage all the students to do the same. My name has been mentioned in the prestigious India Book of Records five times in the past and my only aim is to set new records in the future. More than anything, art for me offers a purpose in my life and I want to continue pursuing it with hard work, perseverance, and dedication in the coming time as well.”

Venkatesh has proved to the world that passion, hard work, dedication, and perseverance can help you succeed in any path. Besides making a name for himself, he also empowered many students to follow their calling as an artist while spreading joy and hope in their lives.


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