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My Journey

Am Emmanuel. Art is my life. I have had this passion from my childhood. Being an artist isn't just about putting pencil to paper; Art can mean so much to many people. I started my first drawing in my 5th class. My first portrait started with my parent's portrait. By this, my friends and family encouraged me and supported my talent a lot and made me do more. My 10th Standard class teacher also encouraged me to draw very well. We feel so happy and contented when someone appreciates our works of art. This made me move forward with many arts. I keep on focusing, observing professional artists' arts to get good art and the supplies they use.

I had started my journey with normal HB pencils to branded Staedtler pencils...and to branded Fabriano Accademia paper. Arts are the special skills that one possesses. we express our creativity and inner feelings through arts.

Arts are also means of livelihood for many like me around the world.

And the supplies I used till now are purchased with my own earnings. I earned them by doing commission works. I started my first commission with 200/- in 2020

Every artist's wish is to be independent to buy art supplies for their art. So they earn them with their hard work...

Art can be a challenge or message or rewarding all is art can be everything or anything we want... it's a way to explore our imagination of the world.

All I want is to make my parents happy as well as be Proud of my passion. I just followed my heart which made me be here...

I thank GOD very much for this beautiful Talent given to me!!!

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