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My Journey

Hai myself Gayathri.
I am from Andhra Pradesh
At the age of 12 years, I went on a trip there I found a guy writting names on rice grain and he made it as a keychain by watching it I was impressed. And then I got an idea i.e., why can't I start trying on it ( name on rice grain ) I started writing on rice grains with 3 letters on the first attempt makes me so happy
And then I started trying to write more letters on rice grain
After a lot of attempts, I wrote all alphabet on one side of the rice grains
I was super happy and showed to family members they were happy and they encouraged me a lot by seeing my art
And then I started writing proverbs and small sentences on it till today I am writing up to 110 letters on single rice grain.

And again I got an idea why can't we paint on micro things
I implemented the idea to paint on these things rice grain; mustard seed; sesame seed; vermicelli without using any lens or microscope
People saw my art and appreciated me

I started again making art on chalk pieces
On the chalk piece, I started carving single letters; names; shapes; paint on it
I showed it to my people again they applicated me
One of my friends gave me the idea to carve the pencil
So again I started carving on the pencil
On pencil, I carved names; unique art on it...

One fine day I am thinking to give a unique art to my mom's birthday
I am thinking and looking at Nature
I got an idea why cannot carve on a leaf .. and then I started carving on a leaf and presented it to my mom 🙂

Coming to book art
I was absent for a few of my college days
So I marked and folding for my incomplete pages and then started continuing to the running notes there I got an idea why cannot start making something unique on books
By folding each page without any cutting I created my dad's name on the book ( my first art on the book ) and presented it to my dad he was surprised and got blessings from my dad


From that
My art gave me a passion
Passion became a profession for me
One day I got a chance to apply for world records

I got 6 world records and one Guinness world record to me
So that I got the name in my street Microartist
And a few news channels took interviews 🙂

I use to do art on unique things whatever I see

And now I started taking orders for gift items like book art; pencil carving; chalk carving; Rubix cube art; paper carving; names on rice grain; unbreakable keychains; machine made gifts.

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