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My Journey

Hi, my dear friends my name is Geetha and my native is Nellore. After my marriage, we got settled in Chennai. I'm a homemaker and my passion is drawing, crafts, reusing waste things by painting or crafting them.

This is how my interest started towards drawing.

Since my childhood, I have interest in drawings because of my father. When we were small he used to get marriage invitation cards and tell us to draw whatever is present in that invitation. I used to draw and show it to my Father. My father likes my drawings. Then he used to get more and more cards and tell me to draw.
Slowly I tried drawing big diagrams. It used to come out very well.

I feel very happy, relaxed, and peaceful while gives me more happiness and peace of's a stress buster for me.

After my marriage, I thought of sharing my knowledge with people. So I conducted drawing, painting 🎨 classes and taught to so many students.
Not only drawing I don't like to waste any things...I do some carvings with clay or quilling and reuse the thing's again.
Here are some photos of my drawings please go through them.
Thank u ❤️
Thanks to share talents for giving me this opportunity and to recognizing the talents and sharing to the world 🙏

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