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Stencil Arts




My Journey

Myself B.Govardhan
I am pursuing 3rd B.Tech
From ECE department
SVCE Tirupati.
I am a guy who came from a small town called Rayachoti, Kadapa District, A.P.
Came out with loads of dreams ☺️
An art career cannot happen overnight. Becoming an artist takes dedication, hard work, and a plan. Unfortunately, many people who would like to start an art career have no idea how to proceed. Learning to develop your skills, attract clients, and turn a healthy profit can help you make a career out of art.

As the pencil glides on the paper, my mind briefly leaves my body. I escape.
I become the drawing. I become the lines. I become the shading.
It’s not always perfect. I make mistakes sometimes. That's what makes it more fun. Maintaining strong work-life balance is critical to keeping yourself happy and productive, but it’s just as important to the well-being of those around you. The more people who rely on you — either in the arts or at education — the more important it is that you keep both spheres balanced.

I chose to become an artist because I find so much enjoyment in being creative and I have been blessed with artistic ability. It is a completely different dynamic when you "get to" make art as opposed to "have to" make art.
I have not much experience in this stencil art.
Because I just started to make a sketch in the middle of lockdown by making a trail. Later on, I just keep on practising and proved to myself what I can do.
Coming to the best part, my journey is getting better compliments from the persons who teased and bullied me with my arts. Now they take the main role in showing loads of love and support by sharing the posts.
The hardest part is when I started to draw some of my friends and neighbors started their whispers and tried to pull me down. They just never set a stop for that saying.
And my day-to-day motto is that show your uniqueness in always you have and prove that not a simple way gonna disturbs your swag☺️.
"ART is an Eternal Emotion."

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