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Micro Arts, Mandala Arts, Bookmark Arts, 3D Arts & Illustration Arts




My Journey

Hi...Myself Harini and I am from Nellore. I am pursuing my Btech final year... And I love to do creative things...and I always wish to be unique than others. And u don't like to take training for that....and I can proudly say that "I am a self _taught one"

Coming to my journey...!!

From my Childhood, I love making crafts with paper.....and I love drawings.....

And those drawings I used to stick to walls....and I make my home as a paper dustbin...😂😂.But my mom used to support me all the time...!!!

I wish to be a fashion I used to draw very often...when I get free time....❤️...But due to some financial issues...I joined B.Tech. During the Corona holidays, I felt very low and feel as alone.....

Drawings help me as a stress buster...❤️

I started photography and used to learn mandala artist....❤️ And later I started illustrations of few people's ❤️and then I used to start 3d drawings..❤️.

During the pandemic, our family faced a few financial issues....not only ours every family faces...I thought that y I don't start up a new creative thing that at least supports needs...!!

And then I started exploring, and finally, I started my journey as a MICROARTIST...

Initially, I started to carve with a safety pin 🧷...and with a razor blade and then I brought a carving blade.....and started working. I have delivered happiness 60+ orders....and hoping for the best in the future...!!!

And I thank you for this opportunity.

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