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My Journey

My name is Hemlata Kabdwal , many people also know me by the name of Himani. I basically reside in Uttrakhand. I belong to the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. I am currently working in Uttrakhand as an artist, To be honest, I am working as a folk artist. I have completed 7 years doing this art . also currently I am studying master of fine arts. I belong to the Kumaon division of Uttarakhand. Aipan art is a folk art of Uttrakhand. Now I would tell you about this folk art ( aipan art ). ---- the history of this art. initially minerd days were used in this but gradually with the passage of time some changes took place in. Initially to make this flok art - The first ocher (geru) was applied on ay surface, but now the red color is used in place of ochre (geru). In the past, rice flour was used in place of white with ocher, in someplace this art is still made by mixing geru and rice flour.

Me a folk artist ------- I  have completed 7 years while doing this art, I was interested in art-science childhood, that's when I decided. that I  would work as a folk artist for my Uttrakhand .and I started working in these 7 years,  I worked to give a new look to this art. 
      I started painting utensils and other mediums with this folk art. seeing my interest in this folk art I was appreciated by many journalists, And I was honored by many organizations on a special day.
Presently my efforts are going for this folk art and will continue like this in the future also. 

Thank you 🙏🙏 .

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