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My Journey

Myself Himabindu, Studying B.Tech 2nd year Civil Engineering in Tirupati. To be frank there is no such great story in my life for starting my artist life. I'm very interested in drawing from the very start. At that time I really don't even have any idea about art I just used to draw cartoons and when I created an Instagram account I realized there are numerous things that I should know about art. I finally started drawing human portraits in December 2018 and one of my friends on Instagram helped me a lot by telling me some tips. Trust me at 1st I don't even get a face similar to the reference pic, I used to get a completely different one, at that time sometimes I used to get frustrated too but I never gave up on art, and finally, I can draw human portraits exactly. Maybe not 100% but at least more than 75%. The thing is ``You should never give up on the thing you love the most".

I literally enjoy every moment when I'm drawing something.
I can't express how I'll feel when I don't draw anything for some days, actually I experienced that feeling during my exams and I just can't tell anyone how much I love drawing.
Everyone should love there work because only that love towards your work can make you not to feel stress while doing that.
My ultimate goal is to open a art gallery with my works and make it a successful gallery ever.

If someone ask me to define drawing in one word I'll definitely say as - ``My World".😇

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