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My Journey

Well, Hi there I'm Jay!

I've done my schooling in Kendriya Vidyalaya.

I can proudly say that I'm KVIAN because the knowledge acquired from my school is priceless and the individual mindset I developed over there too !! 

For some reason IDK I'd zeal on technology. Like how things work, how to make it and break it likewise.

I used to watch some YT tutorials on how to hack WiFi's/keyloggings/phishing..., 

hell, yeah! 

What, not every damn thing which came up in my mind related to cyber security!

Maintaining that same zeal I've strived and learned many things as much as I can which made me love the CyberSec world.

I've done some mischievous things too 😅

I'll let u know soon

But before that, you should know one more thing.

I love skating since my childhood. 

I was first used to quad skatings and after a few years I was habituated to roller skaters which are also known as inliners and they're completely different from regular skates. 

And now I'm in love with my skateboard 😉

I've forgotten to mention that I've started the skating journey and learned it solo to date including the regular skates, inline/roller skates, and now skateboarding :)

Yeah, I know what you're waiting for that mischievous thing right, I'll tell you now. 

I'm currently doing my graduation at Rajiv Gandhi University. 

Obviously, the university website will have a website. 

Hold on there, I'll tell you. 

I h*cked my college website it's been one year. 

But don't worry, I'm not that much of a bad guy, I've informed the server admin of our university and described the bug which made me get access. 

Later, I mentioned a few remediations to fix the bug from my side to the admin, and it is fixed from then on!

One thing you should keep in mind. 

The thing I've done may be mischievous but I've done it ethically which is also called ethical hacking or simply white-hat 

Like these memorable things, I used to play with my friends at the college by playing small-small h*cks all these were for fun. Even my friends used to enjoy my h*cks/tricks :)

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