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Tirupati, India



Freelance Photographer



Photography, Travelling & Trekking




My Journey

From my childhood, I'm enthusiastic about traveling to new places, and discovering new lands the most memorable and my 1st trip was to "Pondicherry". It was an expected trip with my best buddies Satwik & Harsha slowly my travel plan was like this trip for 6 months once. Trip for 1 month trip for every 15 days and finally, it is now a trip for every 3/5 days. I covered 75% of the South zone in India my travel lub started with a fun, and later it became my need, Just like a daily source. I always wanted to go somewhere and explore a new world. I usually click those moments in my heart as my heart is full of beautiful moments. I used my mobile to click those fantastic moments!! Ok, wait how can a small electronic gadget bear & store the beauty of this big mother Earth!! My brother brought me a camera.. my clicks become hundreds, 50 of my click became viral and 10 of them made me a Winner in many photographic competitions. I started posting my clicks on my page and profile most of my clicks related to nature got me an appreciation for all Tirupathi pages's encouraged my photographic skills their support is unmemorable.
I slowly found myself, when I lost myself in investing in humans.
"Nature is the best Healer" is again proved
For this life, I'm always grateful for my dad(my hero) & my brother
My guru - Kosuri & Madhu
My best buddies, friends for life Satwik & Harsha, and finally "ME" the most crucial person for myself.

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