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My Journey

Hello friends,
I am Jyothsna from Tirupati.

Since I  studied at 10class. I had started doing artwork. But there is no support for me to improve my artwork. So I had stopped doing artwork. My parents forced me to join inter(MPC). I had struggled a lot to convince them but there was no use in that.

I had decided to join in interior design. I wrote the NATA exam. I got ranked in that and got a seat in anna university. By my bad luck, my parents didn't support me to join in interior designing. My parents joined me in B.Tech(CSE dept).

In B.Tech first 2 years I suffered a lot to study computer science. After 2 years of my B.Tech I had realized that art is my future and profession. Again I started my art journey with simple and normal drawing in 2020 in lockdown time.

 I thought of doing something different at that time. I had started doing papercutting art. Slowly I had improved my skills in papercutting with the help of Social media. It became my passion & profession. I have created an art Instagram account to show my talent to all.

My friends supported me a lot. They gave a lot of support to me to do both my profession and my studies at a time without any pressure.

 By seeing some of my arts, my parents. My parents started supporting me.

Finally joined an interior designing course, after so many fights and struggles. With that, I am doing papercutting art. It gives a lot of happiness while I am going to artworks. Finally, I reached my dreams.

It's only my suggestion      

      "My suggestion  is only one to every one of you never give up your dreams"

      "You will definitely succeed in your life until you trust  yourself and your talent"

      "Don't listen to other people's words. Do what is best for you and your life"

Don't join forcely in any course. You will never be happy & unsuccessful in your life

Improve your talent in which u have an interest. You will definitely succeed in life. It will take time but you will be in the best position with a comfortable life and happy life.
"Thank you so much for this opportunity"

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