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A big Thanks to Share Talents for Posting My story and Exposing the talents of many people. You are doing a great job.
I am a type of student from childhood who used to be silent but showed interest in both arts and Studies.
Since childhood, I used to draw some art for my father's school. My father used to have some interest in arts, so I am.
My parents used to support me in everything I do.
Whenever I got time I used to learn new arts like quilting, clay moulding and used to try stuff from Art attack and Mad with Rob channels.
During school days I used to have stage fear, but I overcame them by participating in school anchoring so, at some point in time, I am so so interested
to take the mike in hand and to speak in front of people.
But even though I used to participate in activities I used to be a good and obedient student and somehow topped school in tenth.
In 12th I used to be average and eventually used to concentrate more on Experimenting Quilling Art that time.

During Engineering, I used to have little interest in arts when compared to Before and used to draw for college symposiums.
All it all stopped when I was in my second year when I got arrear, again in my third year when trying to clear the first one, unexpectedly got hit with
another one during the end of the 3rd year. At that point in time, I have a huge gap in my life for arts.
My life looked so messed up, that somehow I cleared them during the starting of the final year. after that again ran for campus placements.
One of the Happiest moments of my life happened when I got placed during my 8th sem.

After that, I got some time for getting back to the arts.

During the lockdown, I got exposure to Instagram to showcase my talents and to get amazing friends who used to give me so much support.
It's amazing to have people with the same passions as how
I used to have an interest in dubbing, so I used to do dubbing for Mr. Bean videos in Telugu and a little bit into Memes and Comics.
Now I am trying to manage both work and arts in my life...

All I learned in my life till now, is it's all about managing and prioritizing the things we like in life.

If we are really interested in something, we can definitely create time for it.😊

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