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Tirupati, India



Ornithologist, Wildlife Researcher, and Wildlife Photographer. Presently Wildlife Consultant to Tirupati Forest Department By side I am an Entrepreneur



Specially Bird Photography / Wildlife Photography



Masters in Wildlife Sciences

My Journey

He is really passionate about wildlife photography since childhood. As he is a Native of Tirupathi he had a dream to capture the bird and animals photos in the Seshachalam forest. After his, under graduation, he started working on his dream and started his Carrier as a birdwatcher and then he has done his master's in wildlife sciences and he has done Diploma in Ornithology Made an experience of few years and started capturing different species of birds and animals in Seshachalam forest.

At the start of his carrier, he was working with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) as a wildlife biologist on a project called A Baseline Assessment on Avifaunal Population in Sri Venkateswara

National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh. In our Seshachalam forest, there are 215 species of birds and with the help of the forest department Permissions Mr. Karthik managed to

captured 179 species of birds with the best pictures and he captured 574 species in India. With the support of the department, Mr. Karthik has given more and more presentations on Wildlife “Specifically on birds” to B-tech, MBA, MCA, and Degree students, Birdwatching trips, nature walks, and wildlife photography to create awareness among them.

He is the first person to click the photograph of a leopard Face-to-face in SV National Park and it was well appreciated by forest department officials,

 He Received Best Wildlife Photographer Award from Govt of Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board on International Day for Biological Diversity-2017

 He also received the Best Biodiversity Conserver Award From Govt of Andhra Pradesh State Biodiversity Board on International Day for Biological Diversity 2018.

 Mr. Karthik is nationally and Internationally awarded in photography from Cyprus country GPA-PESGSPC (Grand progress award – Pascal English School Greek School Photography Club.

 He also received an International award from the World achievers organization Malaysia, Nobel Order of Human Excellence Affiliated to United Nations, Global Impact New York USA.

He is working as a wildlife consultant to the Tirupathi wildlife Management division. As he is working on wildlife, especially on birds plenty of articles was be published in different magazines and He has been recognized as BIRDMAN of Tirupathi and WILDLIFE LENSMAN of Tirupati With the experience of his knowledge he had exposed Swayamvaram in particular bird Species and he had revealed love proposal in wetland habituated birds.

With Regards K.KarthikSai

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