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My Journey

Myself Karthik Teja. I am a Diploma Graduate, pursuing Degree and also a micro artist, It has been 2 years since I started micro arts. I started micro arts from a casual point. I like to do creative things and love to gift my handmade things to my friends and family members.

Doing micro art changed my life on the downside up cos I'm very poor at maths and studies so I want to do something which is very creative and handmade.

So one day I decided to do a gift box with chart papers and watch various artists' talent on youtube and social media.

Thinking up those I got the idea of carving a sculpture on chalk piece so I purchased a chalk box and started doing it but as chalk is a powder base.

so I thought that ill practice it on a pencil lead and I failed in 25 attempts for carving a ♥️ heart symbol on chalk 26th time was my first success by carving a symbol.

As I am an Engineering student we have a drawing subject where projections were taught so I started trying letters on pencil one by one.

It took me 3 months 12.

So that made me perfect and my friends started encouraging me one of my friends said there is a huge demand for micro art which is handmade in the market so why don't you start selling.

As an artist, I struggled a lot to manage the time of my college hours and also my art practice

During my semesters I used to practice my artworks at night time to manage time.

So I decided to sell my arts, first order I got on the selling platform on OLX, so it took me 3 hours to carve a single name on my first order with 12 cuts on my hand.

I started speeding up by applying some easy logic to carve on lead then I started a page on Instagram by carving various sculptures and customized arts.

This social media platform is my base and I also participated in and conducted a workshop in 2 colleges Mallareddy Engineering College and MVSR college they invited me by seeing my talent and also I sold arts in the cultural fests.

As I struggled a lot with learning micro art I want to teach interested people.

A few days back I applied for the Indian book of records and I achieved it.

Carving 28 Indian all-state chief ministers' names on pencil lead within 4 hours of the time period and that's my first achievement.

Now I applied for TEDx Hyderabad as a speech volunteer and just moving on with my career as a micro artist.

The main thing artists need is support; basically, artists are getting less support so kindly support artists.

I want to say just one thing if you do hard work you will definitely succeed one or another day.

Hard work and dedication never leave you once you start doing it constantly.

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