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My Journey

Hi, I’m Lavanya from Hyderabad. I’m pursuing B.Tech final year, specializing in civil engineering.
First the fall I would like to thank @share_talents_ for including me on this platform to share my journey.
In essence, I am a typical student. I used to be more interested in non-technical activities, such as sports, music, dance, drawing, painting, and so on, rather than academics.
I’m very passionate about the arts. Whatever I see or feel, I used to draw them on a piece of paper. And felt like showing it to my friends and also my parents. They always encouraged me.
However, due to my studies, I stopped all of these things after my tenth. But in my spare time, I only drew some simple sketches and began to focus purely on my studies.
Then, on a fine day, I came across a drawing and decided to draw it. It appears to be very lovely. As a result, several of them began to encourage me once more. During the lockdown, I mainly concentrated on drawings and made use of my free time. Where @sketchbox_satya was a huge inspiration to me. She encouraged me and began giving me advice and correcting my errors. She is my inspiration. I’m really very thankful to her.
As a result, I gradually began to focus on portraits as well. And I began accepting paid work from clients for a fair price. In the portraits we do for our clients, we give our best to them. Clients have responded positively, which has instilled trust in me. Essentially, art is what you let others see... And we do it for hours on end, putting in a lot of work, but we never get tired of it.
It is a kind of stress relief and self-satisfaction. This is something I really enjoy doing.
I met a lot of them along the way who are extremely talented, and we all helped and encouraged each other. Where @teddy_sketches boost up me all the time and many of them. I love those guys so much and am very glad to have all of them with me. This is my loveable journey.
At last, if any one of you is interested in the commissioned portraits can DM me and for more work pls do visit my page and do support me...
Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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