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My Journey

Hi, My Name Is Mohan. I’m 23 years old, I’m Born and Bought up in Tirupati. I am a Self Taught Graphic Designer.

It was first started at the age of 13 and the main inspiration for me being a Graphic Designer is My childhood pictures. So, from there I used to start doing editing with my own pictures. In my beginning stages, I used to edit in Samsung SDuos mobile with Viva video App When I was in my diploma. Later With the drastic change in technology I also changed my way of learning tips and from the year 2016 my actual designer career started by doing all my edits with Adobe Software!

When I was in my final year of Graduation, I got a chance to work for the departmental Fest, Where they wanted me to do Posters and there I had a thought of giving a tribute to all my lecturers and I created and presented it on the day of the fest. There I got a huge round of applause from all my teachers, friends and staff. Later, After completing my Graduation I was on my job hunt. In 2019, I joined a Digital marketing agency in Tirupati with the help of one of my friends to learn to design and it wouldn’t work out. One day suddenly my Head Of The Department from College called me and asked me to edit a video for my college from our department side. Again it has given me a lot of fame in my college. People used to ask me to do birthday wishing videos to their loved ones more often. Then, At the beginning of LockDown, I was very much attracted to this designing and started creating short videos and I post them on my Social Accounts. There I got few projects to do in my local area as a freelancer. And now, I am working as a Trainee Engineer in WingTech Professional Solutions in Tirupati. Still, whenever I get some free time apart from my profession I spent my time on freelancing.

I want to share with you one particular thing to all here, people can only see the work of the designers, Artists. But, they don’t mind the struggles of being a master in it. So, I wanna Thank  @share_talents_ for showcasing the talents of art.

-----Thank You.

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