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My Journey


My name is Bandarla Mounika and my native is Madanapalle, Chittoor District, I have completed my B.Tech in the stream of Electronics and Communication Engineering-2020, currently I'm working as a Software Engineer for HCL Technologies...

This is how my story began

At the age of 13, I have drawn a sketch for my mom❤️ and that's where everything began🤗,..when I was in school I had a drawing teacher who was so creative and I have started to draw and paint more often, but when I started my higher education, I just stopped painting without my notice and was feeling regret for what I was doing 🥺.

I have secured a good job and was like a free bird🦋 without any tensions, not even the office work because I had my joining date somewhere in November of 2020 and found free time in this pandemic lockdown😷 where I have again started working towards my passion🤘, at first when I was drawing or painting it was a bit tough for me to make my arts with perfection and I started practicing over days and now I'm able to create my art with more perfections than what I was doing at the starting stage, I know I need to practice a lot to make it more perfect and I'm literally working on it.

I have one more thing which makes me free and makes me more concrete on my arts is the nature which always presents itself in a very new way which makes me feel to paint something which I saw🏞️I literally love painting the views of sunsets 🌇 and sunrise 🌄. My world just includes my family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦, friends💃, pets🐈🐕, nature🌱 and finally my arts🎨🖌️.

At last, I would like to say that FOLLOW YOUR PASSION AND WORK FOR IT🤍, someday it will pay you back and you can enjoy the outcome.

Thank You,

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