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Stralsund, Germany






Cooking & Creating awareness to the people about what all I know




My Journey

I am Nikhila Gopathi, Pursuing my masters 3rd semester in Germany.

I am a YouTuber now. My motive towards YouTube was not so intentional. When I have been to India recently to visit my parents I lost my passport and my German residence permit card. I searched for the process on YouTube. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the best solution.

This made to think of a YouTube channel. After creating this, I thought about how much can I help others and in what ways. This brainstorming was made to showcase my skills and passion.

1. Cooking: I made it for the first time at the age of 10, I cooked Rasam and I thought this to my elder sister... Wow! At age of 10??
yes, it’s at the age of 10. Nothing to excite, I learned from my mom. But at later ages, I feel I can win people with cooking... I can make someone happy and pleasure without... So following my mother has turned into a passion.

2. I haven been to Germany, I am residing here for my studies. Why can’t I share my experiences about this country
i) This may be helpful for first-time travellers
ii) May create awareness to the people about other country process, cultures etc,.

I am a beginner at this, but I feel proud to do this. Many may think it's making money. But my perception is it’s sharing knowledge and hard work pays off.

Apart from this, I love photography. I am very keen on mobile photography.

Cooking and Photography are my stress buster

Thank you for approaching me!

--with regards,
Nikhila Gopathi


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