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Singing & Sketching




My Journey

Hello everyone, This is Nikhila, I am a software Engineer. From my childhood, I was very much interested in music and singing, unfortunately, I don’t have a recording right now. Once when work from home started I was literally bored and thought of learning something new, so just started learning calligraphy from YouTube but failed, don’t know when and why I started but started sketching doodles and a few days later I came across an image of Ganesh, I just thought of sketching it and it came out perfect, I could say there are some imperfections but I didn’t expect that I could sketch that good and my dad felt so happy and was very much excited. He never used the status option on WhatsApp and for the first time, he posted my sketch and got so many compliments from his colleagues. Even when I got good scores in my academics, I didn’t find that happiness in his eyes. So, I have started sketching to see his happiness, unfortunately, I lost him recently, and whenever I feel like missing him I just sketch and feel like he is seeing it from somewhere and feels happy. This is the story behind my sketches. Yes!! I am a beginner!!! Sketching is not my passion but an emotion for me.

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