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Aragonda, India






Photography & Travelling



Diploma in Photography

My Journey

I feel that my photography journey represents my transformation. From feeling lost to gain self-awareness and discover who I am! Working almost every day to improve my craft and giving more than I can take. My photography journey was like an adventure, I fell in love with this passion when I was 10 years old when my mom brought a camera with the roll and I took so ugly and blurry pictures but I still have them in an album. In the beginning, I didn’t know all the stuff like the technique, the exposer or the iso. I’ve always tried to document things independently, though I’ve seen that it’s not enough. I’ve learned that there are a lot of rules to follow for taking good pictures but I also learned that beautiful photos come from passion, from one’s commitment to being able to bring something special and unique through a shot. It was a way to capture memories and my photo albums serve me as personal diaries. But this passion for capturing beautiful life moments grew into something bigger, a desire to share with everyone the way I see the world, especially with those who miss the small details and hardly notice that the world is beyond words beautiful.

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