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My Journey

Hello! My name is Omprakash Baddela working as a software engineer at Capgemini. My hometown is Dharmavaram which is one of the largest silk saree producers in the country. Completed SSC in my hometown in the year 2013, and later I moved to Anantapur for my diploma. And it was a great experience getting into SVCE, Tirupati for my under graduation, this is the place where things changed. Right after getting into the college, we had a departmental fest and there was a photography competition in which I was excited to participate. Lucky I got 1st place and the thing is I didn't even know that I could take such appealing snapshots with a mobile phone, my seniors had appreciated me for my work and it was the reason I chose photography as a hobby, and later it was turned in to a passion. Since then I have been doing photography of places, things, and some interesting subjects and the big mistake was I didn't upload them on any social platforms which I regret now. Fortunate enough, two of my friends in Capgemini loved my work and encouraged me to upload photos on Instagram. As of now, I have only a mobile phone which has some limitations to do professional photography. Soon going to purchase a new professional camera and I would strive hard to be a better version of myself in photography. I'm diving into the photography courses which actually are helping a lot to build initially. I'm more interested in the film industry and I hope someday I would get into it. I'm happy doing all these things because I believe in the quotation "When people look at my pictures, I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice." by Robert Frank (Photographer and documentary filmmaker)

PS: Thanks to person @saisravanreddys
who is senior to me in engineering, behind this feature and it's a great initiative to bring up the talents.

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