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My Journey

Hello, everyone, this is R.Pavithra. Since my childhood, I am very much passionate about the arts. Art was just grown along with me just like a sibling... I used to express all my emotions through art. With my parent's support I got so much space to spend time in arts.

Later I got a guru named Singampalli Satyanarayana Garu, all I can say is he is the person who opened the right path in my art life....later I participated in many state-level and zonal-level art competitions...

It gives me so much satisfaction to spend my life with arts along with my profession. With my friends support, I just started an Instagram page to post my art....this is how my art life was going on...

Suddenly in lockdown, my art graph was raised out of the box just because of the passionate ppl that I have met. They are none other than Chetan Garu and Kishore Garu we just planned an article in United Tirupati about Govinda Raja swami temple with arts. But later they got an idea to make art-based animation videos. That's how my art career was changed. I was literally speechless by seeing the life of my arts. That feeling is priceless when our art is moving and playing the role. Luckily we United Originals team got extreme support from the audience...In this process, I got a chance to learn digital arts too...

 Even after getting the job, I always ensure that I have enough time to spend with the arts. I strongly believe that give your 100% without expectation...just worship your work...🙏🏻

Thank you

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