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BFA Photography

My Journey

My name is Phani Kumar kulkarni

I started my journey of photography when I was studying in 8th class, by capturing birds, sunsets, some family pics and I used to show those pics to my mother and she like those pics and I used to feel very happy. I got connected and I started clicking more pictures of my surroundings and I totally connected to photography. 

I used to click photos on Nikon SLR. Those were the days where I was learning about Photography. My first camera was Canon 90D. Cinematography & nature photography were my all-time favourite and I am practising to be perfect in my own way of style. 

And I decided to make passion as my career and I am happy because my parents is a big support for me & Thank u DAD❣for accepting my passion as a career. 

They felt so happy by seeing my passion and work and then I got the best support from my parents.

After that, I planned of joining the Photography course.  

But society started discouraging me. Then my mother told me one word, "BE PATIENCE BELIEVE YOUR SUCCESS". That moment is🤩, I got boosted. 

Then I decided to answer them with my success to each and every person who discouraged me by telling photography is a waste, you can't do that. 

Finally, I took admission in Sri Venkateswara College of Fine Arts Hitechcity Madhapur, Hyderabad. Now Am very happy to get a seat in this college. 

People who have discouraged me and didn't believe in me, now they loved my work and they started supporting me.

 Finally Am Very much happy for being in the photography world. 

And now I proudly say that am a photographer. 


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