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My Journey

Hi, This is Raksha Jain, 26-year-old from Tirupati.
I'm a homemaker and Resin artist.

20-year-old Raksha would never imagine her older self making her this proud by owning an art account and clients she had worked for. If it wasn't for the lockdown that brought me into my creative and crafty era while everyone was home trying to be productive, I wouldn't be where I'm today. The last 2 years have really helped me to let my passion grow as my career or business for that matter. I got married a year ago and I'm so lucky to have such supportive in-laws and husbands who were always there when I needed them in order to run this business account. Nonetheless, I'll always be grateful to my mom and dad who were there when the business was at its lowest and they never let my morale down.

I enjoy what I do because I love helping people who want to pour their hearts into making their loved ones feel loved and those who don't have the supplies or time for it. It has always been the happiness and satisfaction of my clients that bring me joy over money. Not the fact that they encourage me into making such more amazing pieces.
Thank you for your support and do look at my profile on Instagram @rj_resinart.

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