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My Journey

I am Sai Sravan S, a professional Digital Marketer and passionate photographer from a small town called Aragonda.
My passion for photography started during my college days. All I ever wondered scrolling through all those beautifully captured moments was if I could ever take such beautiful pictures. And eventually, I started capturing with my phone. Though it wasn't great the first few days, I really outgrew myself and along the way, my interest slowly turned to passion.

I am being totally honest I really don't believe in a person being an Inspiration. In fact, I believe everybody has talent and that's what brings out the best in us. According to me, it is a talent that inspires and not the person. So all it takes is for you to realize what makes you "tick".

Sure you need a profession to make money but after some years when you look back to this day all you can see is how happy you are at that particular moment, and that needs passion. Passion is like a cherry on top of your cake and we all sure love it 🤗.
What doesn't make me fascinate? Because all I see is the beautiful things around me and it makes me want to capture them all.

The satisfaction I get after I capture a good pic. Knowing that I captured something beautiful makes me happy always.
The hardest part is of course getting the perfect picture. It may seem easy but only a photographer knows what effort really goes into getting that picture.
Sometimes I don't get what I wish to capture and I don't give up. I try and try until I get the final shot. That striving attitude to get the perfect capture is what makes me self-motivated.
I consider that every photo that makes someone smile or happy is an achievement for me. And my dream photos would be to bring that smile on everyone's face when they look at those photos.

"Photography is like an expression of my feelings. You get to know me and understand my feelings if you understand the meaning behind pictures".

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