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My Journey

Hello people I am Sai Krishna usually people known by Instagram handle "Sai.pixels" I am a photographer, especially for insects photography and this zonal of photography called "Macro photography"

So, when did I start this macro photography? As we all know we are all in this pandemic situation where we don't allow to explore ourselves, so it happens when we got the most peculiar and dangerous pandemic situation "COVID-19" because of this silence and restrictions I don't know what I have to do in the home.

Then I recall my photography gadgets called "Macro lens" and start exploring myself with this little nature.

Why insects only? As we all see how an ant takes its food, how a spider built it's home, and how a honey bee collects her food, these small moments and nature creatures make me speechless and I am ready to understand their lifestyle by using this macro photography.

From that day till the day I search like a researcher and capture so many beautiful moments of this nature from ants to giant lizards, from spiders to beautiful butterflies everything.

Every time I captured a creature, it makes me feel complete and smile on my face.

What is the best time to capture insects? Well, as per my 2 years of experience (see 😅 without knowing I completed my 2 years journey) it's morning hour like 6:30am to 8:30 am why! Because in this time only creatures are in a lozzy state which means sleepy type so they will cooperate for taking captures and capturing their beautiful moments.

What is the lens you are using for this photography? Well, at present I have 20x, 20x ring, 75mm, apexel 12x/24x type lens apart from this you can take large varieties of lenses available in the market.

Do you earn money from this photography? In this World, there are lot many works that we have to do for our

self-satisfaction, and regulate our stress level by doing your passion. I can't say I didn't earn money from this photography but yes, I earn a little bit of money like participating in competitions, getting a collaboration with brands, etc.

Do you get any recognitions and awards! Yes, I am my first ever international feature from @indianlinkmagazine it's an Australian magazine where independence related competition runs on their social media platforms and I participated and I won 2nd place and featured my work on their magazine's front cover page and get compensation prize as 100$ this was my first ever earning from my photography.

Afterward, I participated in various competitions and earn certificates and some money.

Who is your inspiration behind this journey? My inspiration is "Nature" yes, you heard that right, every time I inspired myself with natural moments and I learn from fellow photographers who are well professionals in this zonal of photography.

Apart from this photography? Do you do some other work? Yes, I am a graduate civil engineer and working as a civil engineer in a private company, and I am a part-time blogger too where I am sharing my knowledge through my posts.

So, this is all about my introduction hope you all like it.

Thank you

Best Regards

Sai Krishna (saipixels)

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