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My Journey

"Hey there, it's Sai Pavan Chary wishing you a fantastic New Year! It's a long story..short ga cheppadaniki try chesta
Naku uha unnapatinundi drawings vestunna- in 3rd grade, my principal slapped me because I drew my class teacher's portrait exactly like her! And guess what? I won!
Drawing paina istam tho Bi.p.c teeskunna last bench lo kurchoni ma lecturers andarvi caricature portraits draw chestundey (video is on my insta) tarvata B.Sc. and M.Sc.... so ala ekkadki vellina edo oka rakanga drawing natho patu undedhi.
Scene cut chestey lock down...I learned editing softwares, caricatures, Gaming and then I did commissioned potrait arts...
Later I stopped commissioned arts and focusing on my skills and exploring myself.
Finally, I do portrait arts using graphite, charcoal pencils, ballpoint pens on paper, and digital mediums. Caricatures are my jam, and I take joy in brightening strangers' days by giving away my artwork – watch these heartwarming moments in my videos!
Cinema antey Pichi.. and I channel that admiration into my art. I sketch what inspires me from the cinema world. Additionally, I'm a vlogger capturing life's every moment.
In the future, envision myself as both an artist and a vlogger, bridging creativity and daily life.
Stay tuned for an exciting journey ahead! Subscribe to my YouTube channel 'Sai Pavan Chary' and follow my adventures on Insta: @mr.humanbeing . As a SAS Programmer with an M.Sc. in Biotechnology, I'm thrilled to share my passions with you! 🎥✏️🌟
No Achievements so far...meerantha support chestey edaina achieve chedam twaralo...!
Inka chala cheppali...nimmalanga videos lo chepta..
Bro!!! Bi.P.C teeskoni software job chestunnav enti?" ani matram adgakandi😬 Thank you! 

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