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My Journey

My name is Sanjana. 

Travelling and photography were always part of my life from childhood, as my family were travelholics, I learned many things and inspired a lot from my Father and Mamma. My Dad is my all-time inspirer of my thoughts and ideas and Mom always supports and stands by my actions. We travelled almost South India, every place has its unique style where I got connected and started loving it so much. I was so enthusiastic to know about how these huge structures were built and sculptured in detail. This enthusiasm and madness made me join Architecture and became a member of INTACH & I love doing micro arts.

My first camera was - Kodak AF 3x optical aspheric lens, I learnt photography from my Mamma and by practising I fell in love with it. 

Capturing emotions and moments were all-time favourite from the start, slowly I learnt many things and got to know many genres in photography and practising those.

Instagram helped me to get connected to some photographers where some became friends, some were so supportive all the time, these people helped in learning editing, some genres in photography which I never tried. Street photography is one of my favourite genre because I believe that everyone has a story to tell and every story is worth listen. Every trip in South India from childhood to now I have learnt many things related to heritage, culture and its history and Turkey trip was a unique experience as it is different from our culture and heritage.

I like being around mindful people and that made me start a community called “Prolific Souls” (@prolific_souls) with one of my mind mate Mr Pranav (@lifestyle_pixels) and now I proudly say that 

Our Team Prolific Souls made it a success - Today what we are...

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