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Hello everyone! My name is Sarika and I'm passionate about writing poetry and songs and singing. I have started working on my passion for the last 2yrs and created a profile on Instagram so there I will be posting all my writings and singing videos frequently. But coming to the point I still remember the day when I started writing something about the things that happen in our day-to-day life and luckily my article got published in young Hans India newspaper and I didn't feel proud of myself but I'm so happy to see my work which published in an English magazine. So from there, my interest in writing increased gradually. And after joining intermediate, my friends were very impressed with my writing skills and I believe that yes I'm capable of doing something better than doing nothing. So I decided to create a profile on Instagram to showcase my talent. After creating a profile successfully, I started posting my writings and some stuff continuously till now and I'm happy people are also very fond of it. But I also love to sing very oftentimes I'll post my singing videos because I need to do a lot more practice to sing better and to receive people's love and attention. And recently I've started podcasts too. But months ago my mother asked me why you were doing all these things. Does it feed you? Does it give you money? she said that Education is the only thing to lead a better life... Education gives you respect, money, and what not everything but I was like what? there are so many people out there leading better life by pursuing their dreams and also they have huge respect in society but why do people like my parents still think pursuing their dreams is a hard way to survive in this world? And money doesn't matter at all when you're doing something which you would love to do. Yes of course it takes a lot of time but eventually, you get there. So then I decided to grow up and shine in this world by doing something different from others by doing something which I love to do. And I'll keep trying and I'll keep improving myself to prove what I'm capable of. So this is all I want to convey ❤️

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