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My Journey

Art becomes like a best friend, giving us the freedom and space to be creative and explore our talents, and abilities. Art becomes a universal language used to speak, paint, perform, or build that goes beyond different cultures, religions, ethnicities, or languages. It touches on the deepest aspects of being human, which is something we all share. As an artist, you are meant to share your creativity with the is my passion, it challenges me to do the best, and it inspires me to always hope for the best. As an artist, You get the chance to expand your imagination. Actually, I was interested in paintings since my childhood...! I always used to draw randomly...! and when I was in 9th I used to paint with oil pastels...At that time I was doing well...! But due to some reason I left this...!then in class 10th I didn't have even touched any color pen..! I wasn't interested in painting anymore..!but near about a month ago I was a Lil bit depressed so I thought I should paint again maybe it will help me to overcome this depression...I just tried it on canvas board with acrylics... Nd posted it on my account...!everyone appreciated my art...and I was inspired and I started doing more artwork...!most of the people appreciated my art...and I was like I should go with this...then suddenly a friend of mine suggested to me that you should do calligraphy as well and I agreed with her and I started English calligraphy as well...I got so many orders in a few days...most of the people supported me and suggested that I should go with this....., my teachers, parents, friends, relatives, clients..!everyone appreciated my work...!
I'm a beginner though..!but um trying my best ro reach high and improve my artwork...!and I hope I will be a good artist in future..!

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