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Devangere, India



Software Engineer



Portraiture & Charcoal Arts




My Journey


I started drawing in my childhood days. Even though I was a studious child, only the drawing exams used to get me excited😉. It started as a hobby that eventually I started enjoying. But 2012 was the last time I picked up a canvas for the watercolour painting for a painting competition.

Fast forward 6 years, working as an IT employee and busy building a professional career.

But now in the lockdown, I got an opportunity to revisit my hobby. I started drawing again. But this time portraiture caught my interest.
A portrait can really express a lot of stories, feelings, and emotions. I am trying to learn and capture those through my pencil art.

Honestly, creating an Instagram page was an accident. But the smile and happiness you see when you gift a portrait to your loved ones are priceless. And I am happy, to see my clients happy. I am happy that I did the right thing.

Even though I used to draw in my childhood days, I could not draw perfect portraits now. But I believe that, instead of waiting to draw one perfect and ultimate creation at once, it is better to just start and keep improving each step. That will make you excel in your skill.

Check out my all artworks and do support me if you like them😊.


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