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My Journey

Hey, This is Shruti from Bangladesh. I am a college student.

I am a self-taught artist, but not a perfect artist. I love art since my childhood. I still remember, when I was very ill, looking at any art I thought it was very difficult to make art. and when I used to visit the village, the nature of the village fascinated me so much that I used to paint nature in my imagination. Since then my art journey started. Then I could make art from my imagination. The first art I ever painted was a village scene, created entirely from my own imagination. I could do art from class 3 with my imagination. I don't know why this is how I fell in love with art. Currently, I am studying in class 12th. As a child, art is still a passion, my love, and my interest. however, I used to be able to draw as much as I wanted, but now I don't have time to do art due to the pressure of studying. Whenever my academic pressure is a little off, I sit down to make art on many pretexts, even though it's against everyone. Many people see my art and say that you can do such good art without learning! I feel very motivated then. I think if I have enough time to do art in 2023, I will be able to improve my art skills even more. I also opened my Instagram account out of a love for art. All the art I share on Instagram is from many years ago. Even in the 10 art that I was asked to share on this platform today, I used my previous drawings. Because I don't have time to do new art due to the pressure of studying a lot. stay tuned today, because if I talk about my passion or art, a beautiful history will be created. And finally, I thank this platform for giving me the opportunity to share something about art

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