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My Journey

Hi everyone!🤩.....I am Soumya Veldhandi.

Here to share my beautiful journey of arts...

I actually started with a simple diagram of an aeroplane at age of 6 which I remember was too good at that time...time went and my interest started on crafts...😁I usually spill away the paper pieces in my home and used to get scolded by my sweetest Mumma...😅but as a never give up the child...have continued it either by my own till 8th and through references from then... Here in this, I used to draw a few little things that were very common which are actually placed on the notice board of my school 🏫 where I got confidence in my drawing and started to draw something in my free time... Not particularly the same type of art but anything with any kind of art supplies(even though it's not an art supply but can be used for art) that is in front of me.😜
After schooling in summer I continued drawing.....and crafts even, but took a long break for arts till 2nd year....there came this special time (Lockdown) which actually brought out the talent in me and let me know my capability though it is a hard time for many has done good for some (in which I am also one). So from there officially I have started my own page and actually got support from parents 😀 they even searching for new art supplies for me 🤩 and it's happily going.

This is a very short version of my journey 🥰.
Hope u will check out my Instagram page @sam_artsgallery...
(U can go through pencil arts, mandala arts, crafts, watercolour arts, Clay arts, and many more...☺️)

And do support them if u like, by clicking the follow button.

Last but not least I am still a learner. suggestions or compliments are always welcome😁

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