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Anantapur, India



Student & Photographer



Photography & Travelling




My Journey

Hi, I am Sreekar Gandham From a very small town named Anantapur.

Making photographs is to show what our lives mean to us.

So I was one of those guys who don’t study but still end up getting good grades. After my 10th grade, I wanted to take up science to get into the medical field but due to some circumstances I couldn’t do it, and I lost interest in my studies there was this time when Facebook was on trend, so we used to do a lot of shoots. that’s where it all started, but my family didn’t want me to take photography but I couldn’t stop myself from getting into it. I had no support, but I didn’t give up. I started watching YouTube videos, meeting photographers and attending online workshops and by experimenting I proved myself to those who didn’t believe in me and now photography is my therapy for life. It’s an intense pleasure to hold my camera, it literally makes me forget the WORLD. Nothing gives me as pleasure as clicking pictures. I still remember that my photography journey started with a Nokia phone then with a Sony cyber-shot and now with a DSLR. And I am happy with how I am learning and growing. I was an extreme introvert initially, and photography helped me to become an extrovert, which helped me a lot to know people and give them my best work. I can proudly say that “I FOUND MYSELF IN PHOTOGRAPHY“

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