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My Journey

Hi, I am Sree Latha. I completed my PG in MBA. I was a bright student. Before completion of my studies, I was offered a job with 12 lap package. I rejected that because it may distract my studies. I was very fond of cooking for 14 years. Before that, I was not aware of A of cooking. But later on, I got a passion for it. I realized that it was my passion and future when my studies got completed. I wanted to start from scratch in cooking. But my parents were not happy with that and they declined it straight away stating how many more years will it be for me to g we a degree in cooking. Later I researched and got to know that even baking can be my passion and then I struggled for one year for my parents to accept that I was very strong on my decision to follow baking. I wanted to do a professional course for that I started searching for institutions and then successfully after I made my family members the tasting experiments of my dishes, they let me go to chase my dream. Now here I am following my passion where I started my own cloud kitchen from my home Thetinypalate. Many are giving me judgemental looks and degraded looks just because I am a girl and doing business. I want to prove to them that business is the ultimate happiness and I can be successful being a woman and entrepreneur from a small town. I would like all of you to support me by tasting my homemade treats that I am delivering pan idea and also specially Rajahmundry area.

Would like to show those people the love I am getting for who I want to be.

Thanks and love to all.

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