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If someone asks me what Art is?... I would say organising my small kitchen set during childhood to organising my room when grown-up, cooking good dishes, managing time, decorating the house, gardening etc... I see art everywhere...I used to randomly make something when I was a child not particular about any art medium and even now I love to explore different mediums rather than sticking to one medium of art...I used to try different kinds of art forms and gift them to my friends and family and I had created a youtube channel in 2017 and I posted a video of the scrapbook that I made for my friend and I didn’t post any video after that...Due to lockdown, I started posting videos again in 2020 on arts and crafts with which anyone can easily follow and create beautiful art. I also take custom orders and a few buy pre-made stuff too from me. I still remember the day when I got my first order and the day when people started liking my work and started purchasing when I organised a craft stall in my school... I am grateful for the response I am getting for my videos and Thanks to everyone who has motivated and supported me in this journey❤️.

Check out my works @create_to_inspiree and feel free to go and check out my YouTube channel and if you like my content don't forget to subscribe it means a lot to me.

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