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Hello everyone, we are team “Tanaaz”, a small candle business locally produced in Assam. House by Tanaaz has been a journey of three sisters spreading love through hand-poured candles. 
It all started from our love and passion for crafts and DIYs. Candle-making is something we started back in 2019. Trial and error along with research into candle making allowed us to get some products we thought would be suitable to gift to people. Our initial buyers were friends who got to know about our candles during the Christmas of 2019. As more people showed an interest in buying our candles, we decided to make more in batches instead of making them for us. However, after some initial success, the global pandemic kept us all shut in our homes. While in lockdown, we contemplated giving up the candle business. However, it was the lockdown that gave us the opportunity to plan and execute our ideas properly and plenty of times to explore more in this venture from enhancing our candle design and quality to developing our e-commerce platform. In this difficult period, we also received a number of customers who purchased our candles and expressed their appreciation. We make various scented, unscented, colored, and embellished candles that are ideal for gifting and decorating purposes. We are expanding our sphere from decorating candles to various festivals and events (Pride month candles) as well. People showing their love for our craft is what gives us the most satisfaction and happiness in this small business. Despite all of our educational engagement, we try to provide their little delight within a week and we are shipping our products pan India currently. To know more about our candles, you can check “” and @candle_house_by_tanaaz.
PS: The name “Tanaaz” comes from merging our names (Tasrin, Nasrin, and Tasmim) along with our surname Shahnaz.

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