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To Explore the World and Share Those Stories through my Perspective




My Journey

Photography and Travelling both taught me many aspects of life and made me the person I am today.

I was a typical human being exploring and amazed with what life has to offer, being an introverted guy with very less friends I spent most of my life with very few people around. but my life took a turn when I got admitted to one of the NIT in the northeastern part of India. I was excited by the thought of being unknown and exploring life while creating memories. I was exposed to various people, and their cultures and made new friendships, which broke my introverted nature. that's when I realized my passion for traveling.
But being a student, one cannot earn money for travel expenses. but my passion drove me to exploit every possible opportunity and make the most of it. Then I started Traveling through various internships and project works around India which parallelly boosted my career.

I was always fascinated with the beauty of nature, so started capturing Mother Nature through my Mobile phone, and with the positive compliments showering I started Instagram handle, which also provided me inspiration and the chance to learn from fellow content creators. recently I started exploring all the various genres and practising to improve my skills with my New Camera.
I never want to turn my photography into a profession. It always remains as more than a hobby as I only capture for myself, showing the world from my perspective.
I especially love the process of photography. whenever I see any of my pictures it reminds me of all the efforts and the journey behind them.

"It's always the process that is more important and valuable than the results."

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