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My Journey

Hi, Greetings everyone,

I am Tusharika, and I run my art account under the name of Tush. artworks. Originally from the city of Destiny-Vizag, I’m working as an HR professional, also my interest lies in art. I have been interested in sketching since I was 10 years old. My dad encouraged me to pursue painting and sketching to achieve great heights in my art career while balancing my profession. He never forced me to give up my hobbies for the burden of study & societal pressure. He has been my biggest support and reason behind this art account. With his help, I gained confidence and attended art classes during my first year of graduation. However, I couldn't juggle both my studies and art, so I decided to learn the basics  & practiced in my leisure time. Even participated in art exhibitions to showcase my artwork. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I created an online Art store and sold over 100 art desk calendars.

Finally, When I achieved a work-life balance, in September 2022, I purchased an iPad +Apple Pencil on my own to create digital illustrations as well. When life gets tough, art is what heals me from the inside out.


My motivation and inspiration to keep creating art stem solely from my father. He instilled in me the confidence to pursue my hobbies alongside my profession. Also, the design work of my younger sister, who created an art gallery in our home using my framed artworks, helped me to stay motivated. My passion for art is not just about posting on social media, but rather taking the time to explore different avenues within the art world. As a result, I take great pleasure in being a hobby artist.

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