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My Journey

It is not a once upon a time there was a prince story but it's about me, a happy boy from a middle-class family who is satisfied with what he has…

Art is something that cuddled me without my interference and has become part of my life. It so happened that I was not financially stable to pay B. Tech 2nd year Exam fee of 1270/-, though my relatives did not help my friends found it somehow and five of them gave me the amount including the fine. But somehow, I am not convinced to take the examination in that situation, and that is when a small art piece motivated me to sketch. By then, I have no idea about a basic drawing to the least I was not sure if my drawing is right or wrong but somehow, I finished the painting. I posted on Facebook to see the reaction of my friends or maybe indirectly ask them to be the judges of my new love -Drawing!

Social media is a place for both sides of the coin, there were comments that my heart was not prepared to take, but again a few of my friends motivated me to draw again. This time after the second art, still negative comments did not leave me alone. I somehow felt I am going wrong, so I randomly pinged artists available to teach me drawing, too many artists of course. But the reply was not satisfactory here either, there were people who confronted me to look back at my face in the mirror, yet I could say nothing but stay calm. Frustration, endurance was all I am left with. I was not ready to go to college, and sometimes though I attended, I used to return in half a day and sit back to draw.

There were times I used to sit for 9 hours continuously to draw, I figured what were the mistakes I made in my first version of art and made sure, I do not repeat it again, this way it continued for a while and people started calling me as “Self-Made Artist”. Believe me, this word is something I love to hear even today with full happiness and joy. It is not the pride moment but a name tag that acknowledges my hard work, persistence, and love for art.

Soon after I completed engineering, I joined in Diary production company. Work was smooth and easy going but this job distanced art from me again. I suffered again, I realized why can’t a passion be a profession and why should art just be a hobby?

This question made me leave the job and concentrate again on art. But as I already mentioned, I am not a once upon a time there lived a king -guy, I am just an ordinary middle-class boy with a passion for paints and colors. As the Financial state was very bad at home, I started searching for a job again in Bengaluru, I can say it was a tough fight within my instincts for art and my reality and responsibility. And I am sure most of the strugglers would have endured it.

This endurance made me look for jobs in and around Tirupati, my hometown, and that too in a workplace where I can upgrade my art skill. Not fortunate enough but with more struggle again, I joined an Interior designing company as a supervisor. This time I learned the balance of love for the job and my art and I hope I am progressing in it.

For the words, which could not spell art speaks for itself. So, as an artist, I want my paintings to reach more and more hearts and be called an Indian artist who projected his paintings by international standards.

Establishing an Art gallery in my hometown Tirupati and making my art pieces travel worldwide.

I just want to create demand for art! so, that some other boy or a girl should not step back to take art as a profession.

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